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Decorative Concrete



SkimStone is an exciting product we offer.  We have several hundred feet of our store done with it. SkimStone is a concrete microtopping that adds a level of beauty hard to achieve with any other product. It is troweled on clean concrete. Typically three coats are applied followed by several coats of a their protective sealer.  The floors is very durable. We live with it everyday, and can honestly say it with stands a ton of abuse. We have had several large gatherings with tables and chairs and it shows no sign of wear.  Come in and see our floor.  After all, if we can do it, anyone can!

Watch the video below to learn more!

Other Examples:

skimstone floor2 Skimstone Skimstone 2B

Daich Coatings


We are excited about our most recent addition to our decorative flooring line.  Daich offers an incredible line of coatings for your exterior concrete surfaces.  Whether you need a new look for your patio or your concrete around your pool needs "sprucing up", Daich has the coating for you.  Our guys have produced some awesome samples of the product.  By doing their own samples, they learn how to apply the product and then can REALLY explain how to use it.  Their samples show some great creative potential for this line of material.  We look forward to a lot of photos from our satisfied customers.

daich texas daich concrete daich texas 2
skimstone stairs skimstone patio



Stone Tone
Concrete Stain

We have sold Kemiko Stone Tone Stain for over 10 years.  This product offers a great "value" in flooring.  Because it is an acid and "reacts" with your concrete, every slab turns out different.  We stock all eight colors and Kemiko's wax.  We have the product on a section of our store--so you can see exactly how it looks.  You can achieve a great look at a low cost.  The product can be used both inside and outside.  Stop by our store for a look at a great flooring alternative.  It's easy to apply, easy to maintain and an "allergy friendly" hard surface.

kemiko pool kemiko bedroom kemiko kitchen
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